Hi! From No.80 Tsubaki by TEM Info

Good evening, it’s the third day of the holiday weekend.

Or are you enjoying your time at home~?

I’ve heard guys get so tired and horny after a long day…

I would like to  make you feel good… Let’s enjoy a very, very pleasant time together.

I’m looking forward to meeting you.

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Good evening by Tsubaki Ichinose

It’s cold ✨❄️✨❄️, isn’t it?
I went to work earlier than my usual clock-in time today.
First of all, to the customer who loves tennis who was dealing with me.
Thank you💕 very much for choosing your favorite aroma oil, and I was glad to have a relaxing time🤗❣️ i was glad that you were warmed up and refreshed, and it was good that you 💕 to be healthy.
I’m at work until morning😘✨.

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Hello by Tsubaki Ichinose

Are you tired 🍀?
I want to heal you a lot.

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Good evening. by Tsubaki Ichinose

Thank you very much for yesterday❣️
I’m sorry to refuse you because I’m busy😢✨.
Today’s weather was forecast to snow, but I’m glad it didn’t snow.
😘💕 Relax so as not to catch a cold.

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I’m happy in December♪ by Admin

Hi, ^-^ my name is Mass.

It’s December from today!
I get excited when the day comes in December.
I♪ feel happy.

I wonder how I’ll spend it.
Just thinking makes it fun!
I have a pretty paranoid habit (laughs)

If you have time, even if it’s a short time
I’m glad you spend time with me.

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From Misa (No.31) by Misa Tachibana

Hello, I’m Misa ~ ~ (^ ^ *)

It’s the end of the month.
It’s already December!
Thank you for this month too ~ ☆

Take care of your fatigue this month.
Toward the busy end of the year
Please take care of yourself (• • •).

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No.65 Himeko Sashihara Thank you for this wonderful night!♡ by Himeko Sashihara

Good morning!!♡
I had a wonderful day with customers who came for the first time yesterday.

I will never forget that wonderful day…♡♡
I want to see you again!
I wish it could be a special day for you♡

Today, I will do my best from 21:30 to last!

I want to spend an unforgettable night with you…♡
If time is right, have a nice night with me!

l look forward to hearing from you♡♡

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October is coming to an end, isn’t it? by Natsumi Hoshimiya

How do you spend your holidays?
My recent boom is foot massage!

I often♪ stimulate the soles of my feet
Because there are a lot of points in Sole
It’s hard to remember.

But I want to heal you I ❤ do my best to study. I’m waiting for you.

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