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Girl Number: 17
Message: Hi! Nice to meet you! My name is ♡Mai♡ As I'm still very new to the shop, I do not know my ways around however, will do my best to keep you entertained... and satisfied! I'm so looking forward to seeing you and spend some great time together... book me now! xxxoooxxx!
Age: 21
Height & Measurements: 168, B.85 W.56 H.83, Cup E
Character Type: Cheerful, Elegance, Friendly, Neatness
Hobby: Cosplay, Travelling
Favorite Food: Japanese Food
Charm Point: Her great looking body
Self Trend: Watching TV Dramas
English Level: level of daily English conversation

Manager's Comments

Mai is a young, lovely looking newcomer to the Shop. Although fairly new, we heard that she is great performing her ‘trick’ play: blowjobs!!! We recommend Mai to anyone looking to spend a great evening (or day!) with great looking girl!!!

Date From To
Tue, 24 Nov  Not available   Not available 
Wed, 25 Nov  Not available   Not available 
Thu, 26 Nov  Not available   Not available 
Fri, 27 Nov  Not available   Not available 
Sat, 28 Nov  Not available   Not available 
Sun, 29 Nov  Not available   Not available 
Mon, 30 Nov  Not available   Not available 
Tue, 01 Dec  Not available   Not available 
Wed, 02 Dec  Not available   Not available 


Mai's Blog

Hi♪ - It is unusual today to go to work from noon. (॑ ꒳ ॑ c) Matt It was raining and it went up 😭 There were many people who were in a dull mood (‘ • ௰ • ‘) ☂ Do not refresh together?? Mai Favorite 0
Please tell me - Since I started working in this shop, I have been happy to heal my customers. But recently… I’m starting to feel fun to go to your feet tired of lymphatic massage and hear your painful screams 😎 It doesn’t hurt to have malice! Everyone got a crisp and easy feet! It says. 😌💕) If there … Continue reading Please tell me
Hello everyone! - I’m addicted to muscle training and crunchy plums these days 💪 It seems that there is a store umeboshi to stand in Maihama. I am paying attention. 🤔 Mai Sakurai Favorite 0
Thank you! from Mai - Thank you for a day before yesterday. I was captivated by your tall and beautiful eyes… I was passionately asked by you, I had a very nice night. I would be happy to see you when you came back to Japan. Please take good care of yourself. Favorite 0
☆Mr.B☆ from Mai - Thank you for calling the other day🎵 You are a very gentleman, So i was very happy If the next meet, I want to hear impressions of karate I am praying to meet again to you☆ Favorite 0
☆Mr.W☆from Mai - Thank you for calling the other day✴ Your smile was very nice💓 And because you Japanese was good, I happy to be able to talk✨ The concert was fun?Let this time impressions😊🎵 Massage was comfortable?You call me if also tired🌠 ☆Mr.E☆ Thank you for calling the other day🌠 It was a good Japanese!I was surprised😲✨ … Continue reading ☆Mr.W☆from Mai


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